Our Mission is Simple

Most software companies try to do more than they should and are forced to charge more than is necessary.

We do the opposite.

A relentless pursuit of more: The SaaS revenue model

Lean20 - SaaS Revenue Cycle
Software is bloated

Raising prices is a common strategy to enable revenue growth. Justification for increased price for existing customers comes via new features and capabilities.

The need to grow indefinitely can cloud even the best entrepreneur’s judgment. For complex products it may be necessary, but for simple commodity products & services we believe there's a big opportunity to simplify.

Providing lean, minimal, and highly targeted software for the lowest price possible is a problem we are solving.

The Pareto Principle states 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. It's used to describe a common phenomenon in many economic and sociological models.

Applied directly to software design and adoption, we observe that typically about 20% of features are used by the vast majority of buyers.

One of the biggest factors is the relentless pursuit of new revenue resulting in overly complex and overpriced software.

Lean20 - Pareto Principle

Identify the essential, eliminate the rest

Lean20 is a company purpose-built with attention to what matters most and ruthless determination to cut away that which doesn't. Our philosophy has direct application to all aspects of running the business.

Our Goal

Amazon Web Services pioneered the concept of commodity infrastructure and forever changed how companies deploy resources to support cloud software.

Lean20 aims to do the same for carefully selected SaaS products we feel fit the model of essential and inexpensive.

Our goal is to build only the 20% high value features and provide products at 80% or more lower cost to our customers.

Our Strategy

We are bootstrapped and intend to stay that way. No outside investors, no capital raised, and no urgency to drive revenue.

We never outsource product development or engineering. We have decades of experience building products and companies with a proven track record of success.

From operations, marketing, sales, and software development we continually and consistently apply the 20% rule to everything we do.