Price is the beating heart of our philosophy

SaaS pricing models are deliberately confusing. Most of the complexity comes down to guesswork finding a balance between true and perceived value of a product.

This can be very frustrating to customers who find endless lists of product levels, cost per user, add-ons, ala carte features, and various other nickel-and-dime strategies.

Without much effort it's easy to turn what originally looked like a simple $50/month investment into a $2,500 annual commitment.

Lean20 Pricing - no nickel and diming

At Lean20 we keep price simple, transparent, and aggressively low

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Lean20 Status

After analyzing the costs associated with managing status pages, we determined it was literally pennies a month. Part of our strategy is to keep price for our customers in line with the actual costs associated with providing products.

Lean20 Status is free forever. No strings attached - it is our way of introducing customers to our philosophy and building a trust relationship. Our desire is to find our target market efficiently, cutting out the need for a wasteful marketing budget.

We've got the essentials covered. Focus on building your business without the stress of uncontrollably expanding 3rd-party software budgets. Sign up for Lean20 Status today and get started for literally zero.

The Lean20 Vision

The idea is simple.

Venture-scale companies are pressured with relentless pursuit of revenue growth which has an inevitable impact on software complexity and price.

Commodity services.

Cloud computing allows us to reduce many products to only the features truly needed for the lowest possible price.

The 80/20 rule.

80% of software features are used by less than 20% of users. Our focus is eliminating those, supporting only the highest value functionality.

Bootstrapped and hand-crafted.

We never outsource development. We are built with love from Seattle and have the experience and passion to keep it that way.