Lean20 - Building blocks for your early stage toolkit

Get Started with Lean20

We created Lean20 with a singular mission: provide critical software for early-stage companies with a deliberate focus on cutting out the noise.

At the heart of our philosophy is a focus on value over revenue. We believe in this so much we decided to launch our first product 100% free, forever. It's our way to show you what we are about right from the start.

Lean20 - Status product Status

A status page product for real-time communication to your customers about what's going on with your service.

We've cut out the noise and provided the essentials to get you going; 100% free forever.

An alternative to Statuspage, Freshstatus, and other hosted status page products.

We are committed to providing a feature-complete product that works for most companies. Free forever, no strings attached.

Lean20 - Ping product Ping

Monitor your web site, application, services, and APIs in real-time from multiple locations.

This is a critical function for even the smallest company but nearly every product on the market is oppressively expensive.

An alternative to Pingdom, Statuscake, and other uptime/ping products.

We will never offer a crippled, free version. We are committed to a feature-complete product that works for most companies.