Uptime Monitoring for Pennies a Day

Track and monitor your website's availability and performance for a fraction of what you're paying now
Lean20 Ping - alternative to Pingdom
Lean20 Ping - alternative to Pingdom

Purpose-built for what matters most

Real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting. Simple.

Lean20 Ping - Uptime monitoring

Uptime Monitoring
Test whether your site is available from all over the world every minute of every day.

Lean20 Ping - Alerting

You and your team will get notified if your site is slow or not available via configurable alerts.

Lean20 Ping - Reporting

Your data stored forever, ready and available for compliance and operational discovery.

Lean20 Ping - No limits

No Limits
Monitors, users, data. No arbitrary limits - peace of mind that we've got you covered, forever.


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Price is at the heart of the Lean20 Philosophy. Our purpose is to provide commodity services at cloud-scale prices challenging many of the long-established SaaS model fundamentals.

We have one price. We have one SKU. No hidden fees, no add-ons. None of the tricks many software companies use to squeeze unsustainable margins from the market.

We are happy to offer a discount for annual commitment.


The Lean20 Vision

The idea is simple.

Venture-scale companies are pressured with relentless pursuit of revenue growth which has an inevitable impact on software complexity and price.

Commodity services.

Cloud computing allows us to reduce many products to only the features truly needed for the lowest possible price.

The 80/20 rule.

80% of software features are used by less than 20% of users. Our focus is eliminating those, supporting only the highest value functionality.

Bootstrapped and hand-crafted.

We never outsource development. We are built with love from Seattle and have the experience and passion to keep it that way.